Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I'm back......

.......and it's been quite a journey. After a foray into blogging on the local paper's website amongst others plus starting I've come a full circle.

What's been happening in CM land? In case you don't follow my Twitter feed it goes something like this: new house, twitter, pregnancy #2, blogging, homebirth, blogging, twitter, life with two daughters, redundancy, self-employment, blogging, twitter and more twitter.

Why have I resurrected The Contented Mummy blog? I enjoyed blogging in various pockets of cyberspace over the last years but I want a blog to call my own. Like the prodigal daughter returning home, I realise that my voice may have gotten a little lost while trying to cater for the various audiences on other sites.

On we talk about the community and promote small and/ or local business. We enjoy collaborating with PRs to make parents aware of new products that we believe could help make life easier. The blog-cum-ezine smacks of mine and Chelle's personalities but I want to throw my personality into the content even further.

Now, this may get me into trouble. However I've grown a thick (er) skin and been busy attending blogging conferences, knowledge sharing with other bloggers.

Am I still 'content'? Well yes but I still freak out occasionally. Content to me doesn't mean laid back, I'm far from it but I generally find a way to be happy with my lot. After all I think that is the key to life.

Note to readers: The Contented Mummy will be guest post and sponsor free. If I review a product, activity or establishment it will have been chosen, bought and paid for by me (or a gift from family and close friends). This is so you are 100% certain the content is written by me and the views are MINE!

For PRs & Brands: I will consider advertising panels but that's it. Stats will be available on request.


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