About Me

I'm Claire Jones-Hughes, aka The Contented Mummy since 2009 when I started blogging and tweeting. I live and work in Brighton, East Sussex with an understanding husband and two brilliant daughters.

The blog is a pathway to contentment. I cannot claim to be contented all the time! Writing sets me free. I welcome your comments, thoughts and shared experiences. You'll see what I'm talking about in the sidebar but usually coffee, fashion, work, some things about kids, health and of course make-up.

You'll also soon find #headjukebox on here. Join in, play the game and share your music love with me.

This blog is sponsor and guest post free. All the content is written by me. Anything I review or talk about has been chosen, bought and paid for (unless it was free to anyone in the first place!). Blogging has become a convoluted playground for PRs and brands to get their products noticed. While this can work very well, it's not for The Contented Mummy blog. I may consider ad panels in time, I may.

Find me over at BrightonMums.com, a community site with parenting tips, ideas, reviews, features.

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