Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dear Toy Manufacturers

Dear Toy Manufacturers,

You may have teams of people specialising in designing the latest product to delight little ones enough to beg their parents to buy it as a Christmas gift. However, after about a week, these wonderful devices are left piled up in the toy box while the children go back to playing with things around the house they otherwise shouldn't.

I have an idea. Why not try and replicate the curious games kids invent for themselves. I guarantee it to be a money-spinner. Here's some that my 15 month old and my 4 year old will find enthralling:

Opening and closing cupboard doors. 
Why not invent a life-size cupboard door that doesn't trap fingers and fits over your usual kitchen doors.  Also works with washing machine doors, the toilet lid and drawers on rollers.

Real life stairs with Velcro and automatic air bag at the bottom of the stair case should they fall.

Pebble in the cup.
A non-toxic, anti-choke pebble and a normal cup. The objective is to fit the pebble in the cup, take it out then do it all over again.

Bang the spoon on the table.
A spoon that never makes marks or noises. You can take to restaurants and never annoy other diners.

Like trampolining but with a full duvet set to mess up and sensory activated soft barriers that rise if a child loses balance.

Hot coffee chicken.
A cup of drink that looks like Mummy's coffee, complete with steam rising but never spills and never scalds.

Credit card shuffle.
A wallet full of authentic looking library, bank and loyalty cards, money and notes. Ready to pull all the cards out and easily put them back in again. Comes complete with a handbag to unzip and pull out from to start the game off.

Ripping up tissues.
The Wondercube addressed the fascination of pulling wipes or tissues from a box. But we need to go to the next level. The box should be stuffed with tissue like bits of cloth that can be ripped into tiny pieces but put back together again. I'm not a scientist so if someone could figure that out, it would be great.

Mummy's earrings. 
Thankfully someone has innovated child proof necklaces. Next step....earrings. Glamorous hoops and danglies that don't rip out of the ear or stretch the earlobe while being tugged by a child.

Vanishing ink.
Pens that write on furniture and walls but the ink disappears a few hours after with no marks. Washable ink pens are all very well but these take out the scrubbing!

Recycling centre.
A playhouse complete with recycling boxes, bins and waste items to sort, box and unbox.

You may also want to try:
Laptops that look more like grown-up devices.
Ditto mobile phones.
Sellotape that's child-safe, anti-choke that doesn't leave marks.
Child flaps. They look like cat-flaps but big enough for toddlers.


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