Friday, 22 March 2013

Suits: A (Rubbish) Poem For Harvey Specter

"Blue Suit On White Background" by zirconicusso

Harvey Specter wears a suit,
And has a fancy office,
With vinyl albums on one wall,
Autographed baseballs against the other.

Harvey Specter closes cases,
That's what he does,
With a flash of the eyes,
And pouty lips.

Harvey Specter, New York City
Has a driver, an assistant,
And a cutesy mole,
Above his left eyebrow.

Harvey Specter quotes bad movies,
With Mike Ross, the illegal legal,
The super secret in the storyline,
Which will no doubt drag on.

Harvey Specter is Thursday,
And without Thursday,
He's Gabriel Macht,
Who was once in Sex and the City.


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