Monday, 16 February 2009

Contented Baby = Contented Mum

Now that darling daughter is approaching the 5 month mark she is a lot more aware of her surroundings.

This is an absolute joy, her smiling at things you do rather than just reciprocating your smiles. I've even caught her making herself laugh by pulling blankets over her head.

However there are drawbacks to the new awareness. When you leave the room there's a significant higher pitch scream which she turns up the volume on if she doesn't get a response. She's definately getting to know what makes mummy and daddy take notice.

The daytime sleep is my latest challenge. If we get it right and she has 1-2 hours early in the day she is contented baby all day long. When she decides to play the game of 'not going off whatever you try' it's not a content time for anyone.

So far I have tried:
- feeding and letting her fall asleep on the boob. Apparently not reccommended but desperation is a strong factor in decision making.
- vibrating chairs. Worked everytime when she was younger but now it doesn't seem to impact her all that much.
- walking her around and singing. She seems to think that is some sort of playtime. However it works when my dad does it.
- leaving her to cry. Usually the hardest but most effective. There are always times when she digs in her heels though.
- trip out in buggy/ car. Never fails my daughter but not always a guarantee for all babies.

What I can say is success in this area brings a big bounty of joy and accomplishment.

What methods have you tried? Nice to know you're not alone? All feedback gratefully recieved @

That's all for now from contented mum, glass in hand, doing it her way.

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