Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Contented mum = contented baby

Watch my blog for tried and tested, contented mum approved product reviews. Contented mum is cash tight and time poor so we need a no fuss, un-biased pointer in the right direction. I'll be trying to recruit mum's from my Brighton circle to contribute too, sharing any good news we have on purchases that we would not be without.

I thought I would get the ball rolling with my newborn survival pack. Not for baby, for mum! This is personal list, you should be aware that some sources reccommend not using too many cosmetics while breastfeeding.

1. I was tired of looking tired! So I relied on my cover up for correcting my bags. I didn't want to look in the mirror and 'see' how I felt! My tried and tested products are: Rimmel Hide the Blemish £3.91 and Benefit Boing! £15.50. I have used both of these for years depending on my cashflow at the time.

2. I found breastfeeding dried my skin and hair if I didn't drink enough fluids. This takes real resolve. Tell your partner, friends and family so they look after you but force yourself to drink loads. I aimed for my 8 glasses of water a day but complimented that with drinking peppermint or fennel tea a couple of times a day. The Foods Standards Agency reccommends 1.2 litres of water a day.

For a pampering treat I also used Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream £8.80 or Original Perfect World moisturizer £28.38. For my hair, I struggled to find anything that worked magic but ended up using baby shampoo. If i have to glam up I cheat with a serum, Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops is my winner but if you have fine hair ask your hairdresser.

3. Fragrance free facial wipes. What did we do before wipes? Choose the best for your skin type. I adored Boots Fragrance Free £2.44 (in the blue pack). For the environmentally concious I also used quality face cloths and either hand hot water and nothing. All equally refreshing and cleansing.

4. Bathtime - nothing beats a bath for relaxation personally. As I had stitches to care for I put a few drops of Botanics Aromatherapy Tea Tree Oil £3.91 in the bath (any more than a few can smart a bit). After 6 weeks I alternated that with Botanics Lavender Oil, perfect for winding down. Both of these are meant to be diluted down with a base oil such as Almond or Botanics Time for Bed, Bath and Body Massage Oil.

5. Time busting nails. I had almost no time for nail care and polish isn't always practical with a baby. If I wanted to scrub up for an outing, I cleaned, cut and tidied up cuticles as a 'me-time' activity in front of the TV. I used a base and top coat to cheat a tidy look. Nails Inc. is my saviour they do a range of good products. Rimmels 60 Seconds is amazing but I've found will chip after a few days so I remove it before it gets tatty.

6. Gadget pals. My iPhone has been my portable friend. They've given me communication freedom to keep in touch with my support network. I would highly reccommend getting the most out of whatever mobile package your on, shop around, use whatever leverage you can to strike a bargain.
Other gadget pals include my electric toothbrush, V+ box and Facebook!

7. Waterproof mascara. On Pyjama mummy days I didn't want to wear any make-up. If I wanted to use a minimum to give a little glow I slapped on moisturizer, cover up, bronzing powder or light blusher on cheek apples, waterproof mascara and lip balm. My old faithful's are: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara £4.88, MAC bronzer £14.68 or Powderblush £14.68, Vaseline Lip Therapy £0.99.

As you can imagine I was a very contented mum with this arsenal of equipment and treats.

If you are a contented mum and want to share details of an item you wouldn't be without contact me: claritadeb73@yahoo.co.uk


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