Saturday, 14 February 2009

Contented Mum Over Lunch

Sitting with my sister over a nice veggie lunch at Waikikamookau (child friendly to a degree) we talked about the merits of the contented mum philosophy. She made one very valid point. As I find more and more parents have always done it or are doing it 'their' sharing the experience is so important. Not only to validate what we are doing but to reinforce our parental confidence. You tend not to feel so alone when you find like minded people who have had the same problems or trying the same things with their kids.

That conversation in itself reinforced my confidence to write this blog. When I looked back at all the tips and tricks that helped me cope they are from a mixture if several sources. For example, Gina Ford's book taught me about routines and babies needs in terms of sleep and feeding. However I've thrown in some baby led techniques too by letting my daughter sleep through the night. I've used tips from my mother's health visitor from 1973 that are working perfectly.

All in all reading different material and talking to a variety of people can equip you with your options. It is important to understand any risks of these choices. When you do, you and your baby can then decide what's best.

Contented mummy doing it my way.

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