Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines: What's in a Day?

It's Valentine's Day (yawn). I'm sure by now many mummies have been showered with gifts and breakfast in bed? No? Me neither. However corny you think this day is though, we have used it in our house as an excuse to spend some quality time together.

Today is 'Daddy and Daughter' day which means he has taken her out for a walk so I can sit and write this. (laughs hysterically). Of course that's a BIG pile of rubbish. I'm squeezing blogging in between packing for Ireland trip to see the in-laws and cooking a three course meal 'of the heart' for Valentines day.

On a more serious note, having a day like Valentine's has been important for us. We are so busy with work, baby and having social time with friends and family, we can forget to schedule in quality couple time. With the television constantly on in the background, conversations get lost to news discussion or Masterchef and we drift on never really communicating.

Anecdotally, I have heard this happening to other couples when they have their first child. You are doing activities together because of the baby and that is great fun so you don't feel like you are drifting apart in an obvious way. However, I have found that during our alone time as a couple, we have more intense discussions and therefore get to know each other a little bit more. For me, that is vital. Becoming a parent is a huge change in life and that quality of discussion means I can share how I feel about all of that. It has even had an impact on our daily routine because we understand each other that little bit better.

So while some people are most likely boycotting today (and I'm sure for good reasons of their own) I am actually going to raise a nice glass of Cotes du Rhone.


Contented Mummy, Doing it My Way


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