Thursday, 12 February 2009

I Did It My Way

This blog is dedicated to all those awful 'guide for mums' that tell you what to expect during pregnancy and being a parent. I read them all and more, completely obsessed over what's best to do for my baby for weeks. I was in danger of not actually enjoying the experience to the max.

Most sensible, worldly wise people who have a bank account, mortgage and pay their own bills on time every month already juggle responsibility. So why does parenting have to be a 'massive explosion' on the pattern on their lives. Of course its amazing, emotionally nothing comes close. However, disruptive? frustrating? of course not. When you're doing it all out of love, every moment becomes one to savour. The nappy disasters, the regurgitated feeds, the incessant crying; they all roll together with the stomach flipping happy moments into one mind-blowing experience.

My firm belief is for parents to believe in themselves more. When I speak to most of the parents I know, they are all using a combination of methods for parenting. Following the baby's needs but at the same time balancing their own. Slowly I can see this faction of parents growing in voice but more action is needed. I'm adding my voice!! Ta-da.

This is dedicated to all those who have felt guilty for putting themselves before baby for the tiniest of moments. For those who have let the baby cry a little while longer in order to finish putting on their make-up or to update their Facebook status. I raise a glass of wine to you and hope you enjoy the account of my escapades, rambling mummy brain thoughts mixed in with some tips (if you are brave enough).

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