Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pyjama Mummy

Some weeks I get obsessed with doing my hair and make-up for the smallest of trips. Some weeks all I want to do is sit around in my pyjamas. I think they call the latter slummy mummy.

As usual women always get the raw end of the deal with the media it-phrases. Unfortunately the teams of gossip mags and daily sleaze rags would have us believe that celebrity mums are our role models except when they being slummy mummies. I choose not become part of the debate about the media mums. My role models are the women who have impacted my life directly. However, I can't help wanting to be one of those women who can do it all. Look beautiful, go to work, be an epicurean genius and spend quality time raising my child. Is it the media who has set the bar for this or me?

I'm proactively pushing myself away from the stereotypes. Can you tell? (cynically laughs) Sometimes, I'll admit, to spite myself. I've had weeks where I've over-committed and burned out (haven't we all at some point though?). However, I know that if I wasn't off doing some other projects, other than 'baby' then I would spiral down to level where I would be constantly seeking validation and frustrated when I don't get it.

I remember the first weeks after the birth of my daughter, people expected me to look haggard and worn out. Truth is, I was plastering on make-up to make sure I didn't scare myself when I looked in the mirror. The even deeper truth is my acute personal grooming in the vain attempt to be glamorous is my 'me-time' activity of choice. I also remember my mother spending time on her appearance every day. I used to watch her get ready and in some way it was our time together. History repeating itself, I believe.

So, once again when my mind works overtime, pondering my options back and forth until I hypnotise my subconcious I slap myself round the face. Do what you want to do Clarita! If you want to practice your latest smokey eye look, daddy can have baby. If you want to spend the afternoon downloading tunes, call on granny. While baby naps, I Wii Fit - Wiin, Wiin situation.

That is why I've replaced 'slummy' with 'pyjama' mummy. I may not be the first to say it, but I'm claiming it here on my blog. I'm having half a pyjama mummy day tomorrow, so it doesn't really count as slouchy but I will do my best in those hours.

That's all for today and don't forget to say, 'I did it my way'


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