Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Shameless Self Marketing

Now that Contented Mummy has established her ideals and is working hard on her philosophy, I've embarked on a programme of marketing the 'good news'. So I apologise for this break in juicy articles for an update on Contented Mummy world.

I created a new Facebook group, open to all. This is to get momentum going on attracting new readers. I know there's lots of parents, newbies and more experienced, who have valuable experiences to share, so I will canvass for articles too. I would like to faciliate that to make this blog 'parent to parent' support and information. Search in Facebook under: Contented Mummy.

As per the previous article, I'm on Twitter and trying desperately to hunt down tech savvy parents in the UK. I've created a group using Tweetworks, so if you're interested in Twittering in a more refined way, look us up on there: contentedmummy
As yet, I haven't worked out how to use Tweetworks with my iPhone, so updates are going to be slow at first. I will keep you posted.

Finally, I'm in the process of writing a brief so my clever mother can design a logo for Contented Mummy. Any of your who know me from work, know that I love logos for everything.

Anyone with any other ideas for making this a valuable forum can contact me on:


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