Saturday, 21 February 2009

Twitter Mummy

Twitter is the evolution of the Facebook status. It's mum's answer to staying in touch with the world around. It's like creating your own customised news headlines of all the things are important to you. Whether you want to stalk celebrities, get BBC news, local events or a quote for the day I truly feel there's something for everyone.

Yes there are views that on-line socialising is having a detrimental effect on person to person interraction (source: BBC news article on-line 20/02/09). This may be true in some cases but we shouldn't forget the number of people who aren't socially included in society and on-line social media has enabled like minded people to communicate without fear of prejudice or judgement.

Then there's the Busy People. Those who hot whatever reason are living life at warp speed, cramming in as much in as possible. Twitter is an excellent way of filtering out irrelevant information and channeling what's important. For example, I dropped my subscription to the NME music mag as I never had the patience to sit and read from cover to cover. Now I am following theIr tweets I can read the news that interests me. I feel more in touch with my preferred media than ever.

These are just a few of the benefits I can see. Ignore those who look down their noses at it. I remember people saying the same things about e-mail and now it's a staple in most homes and work places. When I get back in front of the PC I'll attempt to set up a Contented Mum group. In the meantime follow me at: claritadeb

That's me twittering off for now. Keep doing things your way, the contented mum way.

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