Thursday, 20 September 2012

Commuter #trendville

All this week, I'm travelling to London for work, from Brighton. Being a nosey, over-analytical type, I've been making a note of what commuter trends seem to be in order for ultimate train travel comfort & chic (yes, chic).

Chunky headphones. The big, colourful, over-the-ear retro types are rife. It seems that the suited masses are trying to demonstrate a bit of personal flair by donning a garish set attached their teeny smartphone. White iPhone in-ear seem to be acceptable, at least it shows you're not a luddite.

Sensible footwear. Excited at playing 'grown-ups' for a week, I wore smart but chic heels. Only to realise that almost no-one wears heels on the train, nevermind the Tube. A quick chat with a fellow office person reveals, she keeps a pair of heels at the office. That may seem old hat to those who know but I immediately took note and now have a pair installed in my office for the week.

Offline reading material. With every percentage of my smartphone power dying, so did a little bit of my soul. I hate my iPhone (4GS as well). I've got loads of books on there but the battery refuses to keep up. It was a forehead to palm moment when I finally understood those with proper paperback books. Print will not die quickly unless someone hands out free Kindles or installs plugs and free WiFi on commuter trains.

A funky reusable coffee cup. Sip on your favourite cha while getting up at stupid o'clock to go work. It makes sense. I mean, why compromise on home comforts, just because you're a worker drone.

Apps. I can't see how a commuter can be adaptable without some handy information apps. Short of looking over their shoulders to see what they're doing (which is a commuter faux pas apparently), I can only guess they have tools to help them adapt their routes if public transport fails. Or they just know it all from years of travel. For the beginner, my two most used have been app and an off-line Tube Map by MX Data.

Best of the rest. I was pleasantly surprised by Stylist Magazine being an informative and entertaining read. Hats are in for the cold autumnal mornings. A good bag with lots of handy compartments which deter pickpockets but keep your ticket within reachable distance. A private smile. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of a traveller in their own world, having their own private moment.

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  1. Love it! I can now keep up with everything from your fab blog! I now know what goes on in 'the village' (my wonderfully ironic name for London) too! We used to live there a very long time ago...& then we fell pregnant.....

  2. :) I don't go up there that often but did enjoy working up there for a short while. Fingers crossed I'll be back there soon!


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