Friday, 21 September 2012

Queuing for the new iPhone? That's SO last decade

My iPhone Journey
So people are camping outside Apple stores to be the first to nab an iPhone 5. Are we surprised? The world is divided into some who understand why, those who don't and the rest who have more important stuff to be concerned about.

I queued once. I was nearly 8 months pregnant and wanted the 3G. Finally Apple had tempted me to upgrade my iPod lifestyle to a smartphone with mobile broadband. Carphone Warehouse on London Road Brighton only had about 20 people and I was about 10th in the line. As I wanted a white one & wasn't bothered about memory (which I later regretted) I walked away with one that morning before they sold out. Part of desperate need to get the phone could be attributed to 'nesting' and wanting to get the item purchased before baby came. What's everyone else's excuse?

It was a buzz I'll admit. The phenomena is perpetuated by a cycle that starts with the gadget geeks queuing outside a store at 5am, the media reporting, people reading said media, the 'queuers' showing off their new toy which by then most people have seen the media and already know they have the very latest piece of Apple technology on the marketing in their hands. Then there are those who are genuinely excited and curious to explore the new technology. But I can't see that anyone needs an iPhone 5 so much they have to queue, the way we need a new computer or printer.

For me, I had to quit queuing there and then. The blind lust for the next upgrade lead to very poor choices on my part. I feel like some strung out tech junkie now shafted with the shoddiest deal on the planet in order to get an iPhone 4GS (tipped as the iPhone 5 that never happened that year). I didn't queue but was in the shop the day I was released from my contract to upgrade. The frustration at Apple's battery life issue pushed me into a place I will not go again. I should add, not everyone lusting after the next gadget is so ill-informed.

So remember, if you are salivating this morning in want of the iPhone 5, good things come to those who wait, and not necessarily in line on a chilly September morning.

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