Monday, 18 February 2013

Fit & Fab At 40

This year I'm launching my own self-improvement campaign. Fit and fab at 40. I hit the big 40 in November which leaves me plenty of time to attack my appalling BMI and get fitter in general.

My story isn't unique. Over the years I've yo-yo dieted, each time I fell off the wagon my weight crept up on the scales. In 10 years I've lived somewhat in denial being a little overweight and now I find myself deep in the obsese category of the universally acknowledged BMI scale. Having kids hasn't altered my attitude to food and weight, due to morning sickness I lost over 20lb with each pregnancy, vowing each time to keep the weight off post-natally. To put things into perspective, on 1st February this year, I weighed the same as my 41 week weight with my second child. So this isn't baby weight or lack of fitness due to having two kids, I was fitter during pregnancy than I had been for years previously.

Like many, I spiralled into an understated but very real depression. The kind that leads you to comfort eat and ignore the obvious. Hating just about every 'diet' club I had joined, I wanted to find a solution for life. I wanted to examine why I couldn't exercise self-control. As a close friend put it, eating and exercise is like managing a calorie bank account. You can't continue to permanently overdrawn.

So, when it looked like I was pushing towards the next clothes size up, I knew it was time to take action. I was consistently tired, with grumbles in my joints and back. These were the warning signs and thankfully I listened.

So this is my personal campaign. To be Fit and Fab at 40. The age is a turning point for me. If I don't change habits now I can see it only becoming harder as time marches on. Plus my kids are 18 months and 4 years old, so if I'm lucky, the only memory they will have of me this overweight is in photographs. I've set up where I will talk about the tools I've used, my progress, my challenges and generally exploring the emotional side of habit changing. Add me to your reader, book mark me, tell me your stories.

What will you do to change habits in your life? It doesn't have to be about losing weight. Health inside and spiritually is equally as important. Join me in my question for Fit and Fab! Make a pledge below or in secret to me - I'll email you monthly to see how you're getting on. No cost, no agenda. Just a passion to support those who want to change.



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